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      The Industry's Most Flexible Center Pivot Irrigation Corner

      You want the most out of your acres, including the corners. The Valley? VFlex? Corner is durable and reliable, stable on rough terrain and in bad weather, and easy to maintain. It delivers precision irrigation - on every corner.

      The VFlex Corner offers more features and options than any other corner on the market today, including three span lengths, two types of sprinkler sequencing, two types of guidance systems, multiple tire choices, multiple steering options, two water inlet options, and trailing or leading orientation. It can be customized to meet the requirements of your field, your operation, and your method of farming.

      valley 8000 series center pivot irrigation

      VFlex Corner Benefits

      • Valley Corner DualDrive?: delivers excellent traction and increased flotation in difficult field conditions.
      • Single-frequency RTK GPS Guidance.
      • High-profile crop clearance.
      • More features and options than any other corner on the marketplace today.
      • Can be customized to meet the requirements of your field, your operation, and your method of farming.

      VFlex Corner Features

      • Options: Two precision guidance options including Valley GPS Guidance or Below-Ground Guidance
      • Dependable: 6-5/8” Model 8120 means durable structure with less weight on the drive unit for reduced steering loads.
      • Proven design: Track-and-roller joint with larger rollers and new wear plates for extreme durability.
      • Withstands the elements: Wide “T-Bar” mounted cradle for stability in high winds.
      • Added strength: Steerable drive unit design with dual tower supports for industry-leading strength and durability.
      • Available on Model 8120 center pivot and other brand machines.
      • Available with single- or dual-steering gearboxes.

      VFlex Corner Specifications

      Corner length options 66 meter span with 25 meter overhang
      Span Connection Track-and-Roller joint
      Sequencing options Electronic 
      Guidance options Below-ground cable, GPS Guidance
      Crop clearance profile options Standard and High
      Tire size options 11-22.5 Recap, 11.2-24, 11.2-38, 14.9-24, 16.9-24, 18.4-26, 18.4R26
       Corner Steering Gearbox Single standard, Single heavy-duty, Dual standard, Dual heavy-duty

      Valley Value


      Made in the USA Valley gearbox


      Valley structures are engineered for long life


      Sprinkler packages offer low energy and high uniformity


      Valley control technology, including mechanical and smart control panels.


      Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

      Your Local Valley Dealer

      Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation equipment and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!