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      Enjoy Two Precision Irrigation Machines in One

      The Valley? Universal linear is designed for swing-around farm irrigation applications. Unlike other swing-around linears, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear mode and center pivot mode, allowing you to increase your number of irrigated acres.

      valley universal linear irrigation

      Universal Linear Benefits

      • Maximize irrigated areas: A linear typically irrigates 92-98% of a square or rectangular field.
      • Increase profitability: A linear can help reduce labor costs up to 50% compared to surface, side roll or hand-move irrigation.
      • Water conservation: Linears conserve water by applying the right amount of water when and where it's needed.
      • Various applications: Linear irrigation does more than just irrigate. It can also be used for chemigation, fertigation, germination and leaching.
      • Valley quality: Each Valley linear comes standard with made-in-the-USA Valley gearboxes, providing you with the reliability, durability and quality you expect from the industry leader.

      Universal Linear Specifications

      Maximum machine length 1,300'
      Span length options All available
      Pipe diameter options 6 5/8"
      Pipeline choices Galvanized, PolySpan?
      Hose option Yes
      Ditch/canal option
      End feed option
      Center feed option
      Swing-around option
      Towable option
      GPS guidance
      Below-ground cable guidance
      Furrow guidance
      Above-ground cable guidance Yes
      Modified alignment option
      Full floating alignment option Yes
      Hose connections (I.D.) 4" & 6" (single)
      Auto-reverse on the hose Optional
      Hose - HDPE Yes
      Power supply Cord drag, genset
      Cart-mounted pump Yes
      Pump options Cornell?
      Chemigation platform Yes
      Water inlet Floating
      Control panel options AutoPilot Linear, ClassicPlus

      Universal Linear Hose Feed

      • Easy swing-around capabilities
      • 8-span maximum
      • Furrow or below-ground guidance

      Universal Linear Ditch Feed

      • Side ditch option
      • Above-ground or below-ground guidance
      • No priming required

      Valley Value


      Programming with AutoPilot Linear will automatically irrigate the linear while rotating.


      Gives you two irrigation machines in one to save you money!

      Can irrigate while swinging around.


      Easy switch from pivot to linear mode.


      Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

      Your Local Valley Dealer

      Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation equipment and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!