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      Proven Solutions for Today's Farmers

      For more than 60 years, Valley? center pivot irrigation equipment has earned its reputation as the most trusted brand in the industry. From pivot point to last span, Valley engineers, constructs and field-tests each center pivot. Valley structures are proven to stand up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines. In fact, every center pivot is hot-dip galvanized before it leaves our factory to withstand the elements – making sure your investment is around for years to come.

      It's why Valley center pivots last longer, perform better and command the highest resale value in the industry. Trust the market leader in center pivot irrigation. Trust Valley.

      Valley Center Pivots

      Top-of-the-line center pivots for long, durable life.

      8000 series Center Pivot

      Made in the USA

      Longest available machine and span lengths

      Our highest-performing, most reliable center pivot

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      7000 series Center Pivot

      Ideal for less-demanding terrain

      Cost effective without sacrificing reliability, durability and overall performance.

      Available with industry-best Valley gearbox or lower-priced VS-7000 gearbox

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      Your Local Valley Dealer

      Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation equipment and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!